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Bringing your audience to your business is not easy. Today there are no borders to protect your marketing efforts from your competitors with the ubiquity of the internet.

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Attracting Your Audience to Your Business

Anyone anywhere can target your audience, and you will not know about these missed opportunities unless you identify, monitor, promote, and report them.

The Byer Co Web Design Process performs well because of doing things the hard way. We can accurately attract your audience and build your business. Below is our complete process that we use to grow your business.

1. Define

For us to start a comprehensive website audit, we need to know more about you. Our onboarding process will ask you to define your brand, your goals, your audience, and your competition. Your answers to these questions will provide our analysts a baseline to research where and how your audience lives online.

2. Research

Based on your onboarding information we dive into your existing profiles and public online data about your industry and your audience. This process will often identify common misunderstandings about your audience. With this knowledge, we can devise an audience targeting plan and sidestep the competition. Defining your competitors' most profitable keywords is also key to identifying your audience conversion metrics.

3. Re-Define

With the knowledge from our research, we can now re-define your brand to engage your audience better. Our focus here is to clarify your message and deliver a consistent, concise brand identity that directly speaks to your audience. The lesson the majority of Byer customers learn here is that your brand is no longer a reflection of you or your founders, it is your audience perception of you. Once we have your brand speaking directly to your audience, we can build useful business growth tools.

4. Design

With your brand clearly defined we can support your message with the design. Brand guidelines will be established to encourage consistency and clarity. A library of brand assets will be made available to your team to support your new brand guidelines. Your website design will become the ultimate combination of targeting your audience and converting them to achieve your defined business objectives. All customer touch points will be designed to support your brand message.

5. Development

The development step is the process of converting your designs into actually usable business building tools. We start by defining your methods for delivering on your brand promise. Your processes need to support your audience from discovery to conversion. By developing the flow of your audience conversions, you also are defining systems to support your user flow. Building your website will become the tool supporting your sales funnel and provide you with specific and actionable audience data. Byer developers will also offer automated data routines that report real-time audience data.

6. Optimize

Once we have real-time user data, we compare it to our sales funnel to look for restrictions and drop off points. Once we identify the clogs in the funnel, we modify the conduit to increase conversion flow. Our specific and measurable conversion goal data will prove the most evident indicators of your campaigns overall success. The Byer goal is to provide exponential returns on your investment.

7. Boost

A Byer campaign is usually our clients' first foray into a real, content-based, and targeted conversion campaign. Your audience is online asking questions, and your Byer campaign will put you everywhere they are searching for answers. We build and optimize your content flywheel with high-quality posts on every significant platform where we find your audience. Blogs, video, social media, and podcasts are among the most common platforms we will see your audience so that we will speak directly to them.

8. Report

A Byer report is very different from any other campaign report and customized individually for you. In step 1 of this process, you identified your primary business objectives. In step 3 we defined specific and measurable goals to support your business objectives. Your Byer Campaign Report focusses on clearly and transparently reporting on goal conversion. After identifying your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), we provide your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and show your Return on Investment (ROI) as clearly as possible. We will also provide analytical data such as traffic, search rankings, user demographics, and any specific dataset you require.

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