Website Programming

Website Programming quality and clarity are essential to the health and authority of your website. Building custom tools to automate your business tasks will increase your efficiency and promote business growth.

Full Stack Web Development

Full Stack Web Development is the ability to program the back end, or the server-side of a website as well as the front end, client-facing interface. On the server side, your site will connect to a database for storing data and managing administrative logins and tasks. On the front end, your website design will come to life with animation and interaction feedback that encourages engagement.

Server Side Website Programming

Server-side programming also referred to as the back end, is the apps and scripts that use server resources to process tasks and report results. Your project will contain server-side routines that inform the front end, or client-side interface, of data or calculations from the server process. Server processes can also run routine tasks for managing data between apps and systems. For Example, we run a nightly routine that exports the website contact and quote requests for the day, then sends them to our CRM API and emails a quick alert with a daily summary. Our Stack typically consists of Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP).

Front End Web Development

Your front end website programming will run your interface, interactions, and animation. Your front end will include your user interface (UI), website design, and user experience (UI). Font end programming uses resources from the website visitors device, as well as the server, for fast and efficient rendering. Our front-end programming typically consists of HTML5, Sass, CSS3, Javascript. Byer Co uses preprocessors to compress and optimize your website code to increase performance and reduce load times.

Static Website Rendering Increases Your Performance and SEO Rank Factors

Performance and rendering are essential for your website programming. We take the time to reduce on-demand server-side processes by rendering data resources to static files. This process allows us to deliver a usable interface faster and more compatible than the most popular content systems such as Wordpress. We also utilize the latest server and cloud technologies, such as HTTP/2 and Content Delivery Networks (CDN), to ensure speed and reliability of resource delivery.

Custom Applications to Automate Your Business Processes

Many of your back-end processes will deal with user data and website analytics. These processes are isolated, so they do not affect the front end interface. Analytic data and user-submitted content can run regular routines to automate your business processes. Common Byer Co automation website programming tasks include linking data to a CRM, processing transactions, delivering marketing messages, and sending reports to shareholders.

Choosing the Right Programming Language to Achieve Your Goals

We determine your website programming languages on the business objectives you defined in step 1 of the Byer Co onboarding document. Each programming language, platform, system, and a library will have specific advantages. Your internal processes may also be relying on a technology we integrate into your website. Using what we know about you and your company we will choose the right technology to achieve your goals and grow your business.

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