Website Maintenance

In the rapidly changing online environment, it is essential to keep up with your website maintenance. Using outdated technology can hurt your user experience and possibly affect your reputation with search engines. Byer Co will make sure your site is using the most modern best practices while keeping your content fresh.

Fix Security Vulnerabilities

Your website maintenance will start with a security check. There are many reason people, competitors or automated systems will want to poke holes in your website. Your database, server, and scripts need to be monitored and maintained to avoid exploitation. Byer Co will routinely check access logs, error messages, and security blogs to stay up to date on the latest exposed vulnerabilities.

Adjust to Modern Devices and Browsers

Every year introduces multiple internet enabled devices that can access your website. Our routine website maintenance will include testing on a variety of platforms, and discover new devices through your access logs in analytics.

Upgrade Technology to Maximize Efficiency

Your website can be taking advantage of more modern and efficient technologies with routine website maintenance. Byer Co will review server technology and website code to stay current, and trim old scripts. Removing libraries with known vulnerabilities will not only protect your audience, but search engines will also reward you for maintaining a healthy and secure user experience.

Fix Friction in Your Conversion Funnel

In step 1 of the Byer Co onboarding process, you defined your goals and business objectives which we used to determine your conversion funnel. We analyze the data collected through your audience conversion tracking to identify points of friction and smooth out the conversion process.

Keep Your Content Fresh

Your audience will appreciate seeing fresh, current, high-value content on your website. Use your website maintenance package to address timely issues, remove outdated material, and produce new and relevant content. Our content development services will help you identify new topics and research questions your audience is typing into search engines.

Address Audience Feedback

Your campaign focusses on attracting your audience to your brand. Regular website maintenance will address your audience feedback to increase the value you deliver. We will help you track your audience feedback and reduce friction in your audience conversion funnel.

Custom Website Maintenance Process

Your website maintenance process should fit into the existing flow of your organization. We work with your company to provide a hassle-free plan for requesting website updates. We offer several tools and third-party services that will integrate into your workflow.

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