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Website Design is at the core of the Byer Web Design process. Your website should not only look good; it needs to perform well and be comfortable for your audience to use. With a combination of creativity and engineering, our web design solutions are built specifically for you to grow your business.

Start With A Web Design Plan

Building a useful website, focus on growing your business, requires research and defining your goals. In steps 1, 2, and 3 of the Byer Co web design process we collect the data needed so that we can create for you an informed design. Using the content outline, we create a flowchart and wireframes for landing pages to identify the required interface elements.

Your Brand Will Evolve

Part of what Byer Co provides to you is a brand evaluation and guidelines. Your brand will transform and adapted to perform best on digital devices. Our ultimate goal is to grow your business through your website, so our design priority is to adjust your brand to deliver on screen and devices.

Your User Interface (UI) Reflects Your Brand

In Step 1 of the Byer Co onboarding process, we asked you detailed questions about your brand. We use this information to custom design your website interface and build a library of digital assets. Your website design is an extension of your brand, and a design template cannot accurately represent you.

Website Design for Your Audience

Byer Co is not just another website design company. Most web design companies will design a website for you or deliver you a modified template. We do not create a website for you; we create a site for your audience. In step 1 of our onboarding process, we defined your goals and business objectives. Our designs will specifically address those goals and objectives to grow your business.

Call Them to Action

The most important thing your Byer Co website will do is tell your audience what you want them to do. This simple "ask" is often nonexistent on business websites like yours. Your new website design will be built to achieve your goals and grow your business. Your site will lead your audience down the path to conversion, supporting your brand message throughout the process.

Review Your Goals

Your first impression of your new website design is exciting. Your shiny new design glorifies your brand and message which peaks your emotions. Now is the time you need to step back and re-read your goals from step 1 in the onboarding document. We show you how your goals have directly contributed to your design. We review your website goals with you again to confirm they are in line with your plan.

Define the User Experience (UX)

The final step in your website design, before we start website programming and development, is designing the user experience. We use animated prototypes to allow our designers to show our engineers how the interface should operate. Byer Co believes the crossover of engineering and design produces a superior user experience.

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