Website Analytics

Website analytics is the collection, tracking, measurement and analysis of data from your website to help improve the online experience for your audience. Data is a significant factor in optimizing your site for growth. We prove tools to collect, analyze and report all interactions on your website.

Website Analytics Help You Understand Your Audience

Monitoring audience interaction is the best way to discover friction points and increase conversions. uses several reporting tools to improve accuracy track your visitors through their experience on your website.

Discover Your Most Valuable Website Content

Your website analytics provide data that will identify your best performing content. You can also see how your audience discovered your content. These metrics are helpful in determining where your audience finds value. This data will inform you of best practices to follow in future content development.

Track Your Campaign Effectiveness will implement tracking codes on your campaign links so that we can identify visits and conversions from specific efforts. We use this data to inform you about the effectiveness of your campaigns, and where to adjust budgets to increase your return on investment.

Monitor Your Website Conversion Path

Tracking your audience through a specific conversion path will help us identify where non-converting visits drop off. Identifying these conversion path failures will inform us of where we need to focus on website improvements. Your conversion data is available in your Search Engine Optimization reports so you can monitor developments over time.

Use Web Analytics to Identify Website Maintenance Tasks

Website analytics can be used to find areas of your website that need maintenance. Identifying website maintenance will create a better user experience for your audience while gaining trust and authority with search engines. Your analytics will also show your bounce rate, which is where your visitors leave your website. High bounce rates are a good indicator that particular pages on your site are not providing value to your audience.

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