Search Engine Optimization

The most important way to grow your business is to make it easy for your audience to find you. The Byer Co Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process is rooted in research, a variety of technologies, and always evolving mindset.

A Fresh Way of Thinking

Before we can put ourselves in the mindset of your customer, we need to clear our heads of any preconceptions or biases. Byer Co will consult a diverse group of searchers to collect raw, uncensored data free of influence.

Getting to Know Your Audience

In step 1 of your onboarding process, you provided the information you have about your audience. Using this information, we research where your audience spends time online and the influencers they follow. Our goal is to know how your audience searches for your products or services, and form a Search Engine Optimization keyword list.

Research Your Competitors’ Search Engine Optimization

In your onboarding document step 1, you also provided us with a list of your competitors. There is a wealth of public information to be collected from your competitors. One of the essential Search Engine Optimization metrics we use to grow your business is your competitors’ most profitable keywords. Using a mix of resources we can identify which keywords your competitors are paying for, how much they spend, and the number of clicks they receive.

Identify Your Highest Value Keywords

The keyword data we collect about your audience and your competition is analyzed. Historical search volume and average click-through rates will allow us to sort your keywords into a value score. Modern Search Engine Optimization is about the right traffic, not just high traffic keywords.

Assign Priorities to Keywords

Your keyword priority score is a calculation based on region, monthly volume, competition, click through rate, and relevance. Each of your high-value keywords will be assigned a priority score, and will use it as an indicator of our best opportunities.

Evaluate the Top Results

The best tool uses for Search Engine Optimization is (wait for it) search engines. Plugging your priority keywords into search engines, using a private window to remove the influence of personal data, reveals the top organic results. These results are what each search engine algorithm has deemed to be the best result for the searcher.

Build a Better Result

Now that we know the top search results for your priority keywords, its time to make a better result. In this process, we return to Byer Co content development using what we know about your audience. We evaluate, and sometimes directly ask your audience what their best search result would be. From there we structure a new landing page, using best practices, and add calls to action to grow your business.

Contact Influencers and Industry Leaders for Links

Launching your new landing pages is not the end of the Search Engine Optimization process. Search engines use link data and social signals to verify that your content is of high quality. Byer Co will use our distribution system to announce your new page on social media and ask industry influencers for retweets, likes, links and follows. Audience interaction will boost your content to the top of search engines.

Start the Process Over

In Search Engine Optimization the only thing consistent is change. With algorithm changes, new technologies, and aggressive competitor campaigns we cannot rest. Keyword research, competitor analysis, page rankings and top results need to be redone a re-reviewed on a monthly basis. Your project will always be evolving to achieve and maintain top results.

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