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Byer Co will maximize your ad budget by designing and animating effective, eye-catching online advertising. Through our experience, we have developed a formula that has been proven to increase click-through and engagement.

Defining Your Campaign Goals

In step 1 of the Byer Co onboarding document, you defined your goals and business objectives. Your online advertising campaign must support those goals but may have a separate set of sub-goals to achieve your objectives. Different ad distribution platforms will have unique elements which can shift your campaign goals.

Clarify Your Message

Online advertising creative has limited space for your brand and your message. The messaging on your ads need to be clear and concise to be effective. Your language and tone should support your brand. A compelling call to action should be direct. The best converting calls to action will include gamification to encourage interaction.

Define Online Advertising Requirements

To define your online advertising requirements, we need to identify the ad platforms. Each platform has different conditions and options. Once we have selected the platforms and opportunities for each, we can create a list of ad specs and requirements.

Design Initial Concept

Your initial online advertising creative mock-ups will include all of the required elements in the required sizes. You will be able to review the design at actual size, and we will mock up a real-world placement so that you may see your ads in context. For animated ads, we can show you each scene of the animation so that you can visualize the timing and order of required elements.

Animated Mock-Ups

When you are running an animated campaign, it is essential to review the timing of the message. Most animated ad platforms will have a limit on time or size. We want you to see your animated online advertising inside the requirement restraints, and adjust as necessary. We will show you the animated mockups in an actual page so you can examine them in context.

Optimize Final Ads

With your approval, we condense your online advertising campaign into a production-ready format. We upload text ads to each platform, compress image ads to the smallest file size possible, and optimize animated ads for speed and overall quality.

Building Alternate Versions

Your online advertising campaign should include two alternate versions. Slight changes in messaging or calls to action may have a measurable impact on the success of your campaign. Through our campaign tracking, we will be able to tell with ads perform best and reiterate on them. Removing poor performing ads will not waste your budget.

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