Email Design

Email is a sensitive touch point for most audiences. We develop and overhaul your email design to look professional and support your brand guidelines. A well-designed email leads to audience retention and engagement.

Define Your Email Touch Points

Your company may have several ways to contact your audience through email. Each of these emails should have a specific purpose related to your audience and your business objectives. By creating a list of email touch points, Byer Co can define the required components for each email while respecting your audience inboxes.

Consistent Email Design Across Devices and Platforms

Email technology has limits due to the access and security concerns of your audience. Byer Co knows these limitations, so we approach designing email with a variety of devices and platforms in mind. The presentation of your message and your brand should be consistent across all audience access points.

Simple is Powerful

Research shows that email recipients look for quick ways to separate valuable messages from junk. The value you want to present to your audience should be clear, concise, and the focal point of your email design. will optimize your message and create focus by using high contrast color schemes and white space.

Focus Your Message

Most email viewers will give an email a limited amount of space. To effectively deliver your message, and provide value to your audience, your message needs to be direct and concise. Email design is on a long recovery from abuse which makes it one of your most sensitive audience touch points.

Call to Action Best Practices

Most of your email designs will ask your audience to take action related to your objectives. Your call to action should be obvious, but respectful to your audience. To encourage trust, you want to be very transparent about the purpose and destination of the link. The action message on the link should be short and descriptive, informing your audience about the action you want them to take.

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