Content Development

Your content development system will be crucial to targeting your audience generating reach. Byer Co can produce high-quality content to attract your audience and provide them with real value. The consistent publishing and promotion of content will keep your brand top of mind with your audience and increase their level of engagement.

Our Content Development Process

Byer Co structures your content publishing system to be consistent and productive. Your content engine will start slow as we build systems and processes. With each content piece published we evaluate the effectiveness and modify the content engine to reduce friction.

With every publish we gain momentum which increases reach and search ranking opportunities. Your best performing content will be evaluated and re-published annually, and underperforming content is reviewed and either restructured or removed as necessary.

1. Content Ideas

In the Byer Co onboarding process at Step 1, we ask you to define your audience. Using the information you provide about your audience we research them in Step 2 to find out what they are searching for, and what questions they are asking.

Byer Co initial research will expose dozens of topics based on your audience search history. With this information, we create a content development strategy and move on to research these topics.

2. Keyword Research

Next, we use our content ideas, and your input, to identify keywords that rank highly in crucial factors. Depending on whether your business is local, national or global we adjust our key metrics. Your content development strategy will be based around keywords that are searched by your audience, have a nominal monthly search volume, and a high click-through rate.

These individual metrics along with competition research are used by Byer Co to generate a priority level. We sort your content by priority, and the top priorities go to our writers.

3. Writing and Optimization

Your audience is looking for answers to the topics identified in our content development process steps 1 and 2. Our goal is to provide the best and most thorough answers to your audience questions.

The writers at Byer Co put themselves in the mind of your audience and aim to provide valuable information. Delivering real value to your audience will quickly make you an authority and build a loyal audience.

4. Design

Modern content development must include supporting visual elements to be considered complete. For high-quality content, your graphics must be on brand and made specifically for your topic. Your audience can detect stock photos which will lower your perceived authority an brand your content as generic. Byer Co will produce high quality and relevant graphics specific to your content.

5. Publish

The process of publishing your content to your website entails a few critical steps. Each time Byer Co adds content to your site we make sure to add specific goal tracking, identify internal link opportunities, update your sitemap, and alert search engines to the new content. The final publishing task in your content development process will be testing to ensure performance, accessibility, best practices and discoverable in a search.

6. Promote

Based on your content development package we will move through free and paid promotion. Byer Co promotional services include social media platforms where we have identified your audience is active, and link opportunities relative to your content. Your content will also be announced to your email list to alert your followers about your new material that provides your audience value.

7. Boost

Once we published your content and announced, Byer Co analyzes the traffic and engagement by your audience. Most of your content will receive an initial flood of traffic from your announcements and promotions. Based on our analysis we can find the sections within the material that inspired the most engagement. We will send a follow-up announcement identifying the segments with the highest participation, and boost the post in social media and backlink channels.

8. Report and Refine

Tracking and reporting data specific to your posts is an essential step in the content development process. This data will be analyzed to refine your audience behavior further, as well as identify points of friction in your content engine to address. Byer Co will evaluate each post and continuously improve the process to maximize effectiveness and audience engagement.

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