Branding and Design

Your branding and design are conveying a message to your audience and affecting their perception of you. The Byer team will deliver an honest evaluation of your brand and update as necessary to appeal to your audience and grow your business.

Evaluating Your Current Brand

Whether you are aware of it or not, your audience has a perception of your brand. wants to know what your audience is saying about your company behind your back. This feedback serves as the starting point for your brand evolution.

Audience Perception of Your Brand

The modern definition of a Brand is your audience perception of your company. With a little digging, we can discover what your audience is saying about you. This information is vital to determine whether a small amount of cleanup will work, or we need to perform a full rebranding and design campaign.

Your Message, Values, And Unique Selling Point

Branding and Design do not start with your logo. We need to define your purpose, values, and goals to visualize the aesthetic to match your company to your audience. These definitions will reflect the mission statement of your company and influence all new design projects.

Designing Your Logo

The logo process builds on the research we perform on your audience and your company. We research your industry and gather all possible branding opportunities. Knowing these opportunities will inform us about proportion, amount of detail, and layouts that are possible with your new logo. The logo design process is unique to each brand and use case.

Branding and Design Guidelines

To promote consistency and create brand awareness, we provide a brand and design guide for your company. Your brand guidelines will define fonts, colors, and logo placement, as well as provide examples of proper and improper use. This document will be updated and distributed to your company and vendors as your brand evolves.

Designing Your Business Collateral

Using the principles defined in your branding guidelines we design the necessary collateral for your business. Your document requirements may vary. A typical collateral design package will include business cards, letterhead, envelopes, sell sheets and promotional items including vehicle wraps.

Enforcing Consistency Builds Brand Equity

Enforcing your brand guidelines should be a process that integrates into your company’s existing workflow. will review any inside or outside branding opportunities to ensure consistency and promote brand awareness. Most internal brand collateral will be available in your online brand library.

Your Online Brand Library Allows Easy Access to Your Assets

Your online branding and design library will be a unified resource for accessing approved brand assets. By sharing this library with your internal team and external vendors, you can efficiently distribute your current and supported brand assets. This library can be private or public depending on your company needs.

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