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EVK Organic Salsa is SALSA·LICIOUS! High quality, simple ingredients, organic goodness

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Emerald Valley Kitchen

Emerald Valley Kitchen (EVK) organic salsa has come to Byer Company to build them a website that matches their new brand and packaging. We started with website design using the bold colors and patterns from their packaging.

Next, we shot photos of the salsa products and recipes in our Byer Co studio. Using mostly natural light, we can produce mouth-watering recipes to tease the audience pallet and feature the salsa.

EVK Salsa Web Design

We continue content development for EVK Salsa by producing photo shoots and uploading new recipes regularly. An EVK chef at our studio prepares recipes for each photo session. EVK staff writes the recipes, and Byer Co uploads and optimizes each recipe.

Finally, we are planning an online advertising awareness campaign. The campaign will focus on our recipe photos and utilize social media ad platforms to promote brand recognition. The goal of the campaign will be visits to our where to buy page that leads to in-store sales.

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