Estimator360 is Cloud-Based Construction Estimating Software.




Estimator360 is cloud-based Construction Estimating Software to help residential contractors build accurate and appealing estimates using patent-pending cloud technology.

The challenges we identified were poor branding, no SEO, and the popularity of a prior, obsolete software product. The Byer Company started with branding and logo design. The previous logo was a stock illustration that is generic and hard to read. We developed a high contrast, highly visible brand mark that identifies their audience.

Next, we started on the content development. The messaging on the prior one-page website was unclear and had no audience or search value. We began by identifying the target audience, researching them online, and performing keyword research to discover high-value language.

Estimator360 Web Design

Once we have the content and messaging clear, we move to website design. We kept the previous color pallet and used a high contrast interface with bold headlines. The essential points in this design are clear messaging, and images that relate to the audience.

We have a unique challenge as we move on to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We have a new set of high-value keywords in our content, and we also have an old brand that is popular with our audience. We slowly modified the old brand messaging to move that traffic over to the new website. We created a landing page specifically for this audience to give them custom messaging and call to action.

Using Website Analytics , we are continually evolving the audience experience. Our testing is revealing unique opportunities that are helping grow the business and better serve the audience. We are creating new content and testing new landing pages to improve conversions continually.

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